Shower Tile Trends for Bathrooms

There are several important elements to consider when choosing the best floor, wall, and ceiling tile for your shower. Though you may long for a beautifully designed space that fits the latest bathroom trends, practicality is key. Tile that is slip-resistant, low-maintenance, and waterproof (of course) will always be your best option. Once you choose a high quality material, there are endless style options out there to consider.

Shower Tile Options

There is a plethora of options when it comes to shower trends. Tiles add beauty and originality to a bathroom. The key is knowing the contrast between each tile, their benefits, and ensuring their style goes with your vision.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tile are used commonly because they’re slip-resistant, discourage bacteria, and are easy to clean. Small mosaic tiles are stylish and provide more grout lines, which increases traction. These tiles are also long-lasting, durable, and affordable. Combine them with large wall tiles to create a balanced, well-designed shower.

Wood-style ceramic retains all the benefits of porcelain or ceramic tile without fears of water damage. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when remodeling a shower, but this style, in whatever space it’s used, looks rustic and modern.

Ceiling Tile

Should you tile your shower ceiling? Most people don’t worry about it unless they have steam showers, but this area can be used as a beautiful accent piece when properly contrasted. Extending an accent wall overhead can bring a sense of wholeness to your shower and really make it pop, especially if the tiles are small and intricate, like stone or mosaic.


Whether you go with natural, ceramic, or porcelain stone tiles, each will be stylish and practical in a shower. Ceramic or porcelain stone tiles might be a better flooring option, but natural stone looks beautiful on shower walls. Natural stone is resistant to staining from mineral content in water, but can be difficult to clean. Research the best option for your shower depending on your needs.


We love an intricate geometric pattern. Marble mosaic has gained popularity over the years for its elegant and traditional look. Use larger tiles on shower walls and smaller, mosaic tiles on the floor for more traction. Different shapes, patterns, and sizes when using this tile can add an elegant look.

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