Extraordinary Finishes: Double Island Kitchens

Kitchen islands are well known for filling dead space and providing the extra counter room necessary in a large home. They’re another place for people to sit or prep food, and can add a considerable amount of storage space. For these reasons, people have recently introduced double islands into their kitchens, for double the space and double the convenience of a kitchen island.


While having one island limits you to prepping, cooking, and dining, a second island can be used for hobbies, children activities, or other projects that require a lot of space. Replacing your traditional dining room table with a second island is a great option for smaller families who want to use dining room space for something else. Also, a second island gives you the freedom to choose what to do with your freed up space.

More Storage

Storage space is one of the main reasons why people install a second island. You can use this space to hide your oven or microwave, or even install a second sink or built-in cooktop. Also, with double islands, you can successfully hide any clutter and bring out the stylish elements of your kitchen without any distractions.

More Counter Space

Space planning is important in any room, but especially in the kitchen, where everyone tends to gather. Introducing a second island to your kitchen provides extra counter space that might come in handy if you have a large family. One island can be used for prepping, the other for cooking. During holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll be grateful for the added elbow room.

Play with Style

Double islands allow you to play with different styles of countertops a lot more. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to contrast white and black marble or feature other luxurious stone countertops. Organize your islands based on the layout of your kitchen and your desired function.

When Double Islands Don’t Work

Double islands aren’t for everyone; they work much better in spacious kitchens. Smaller kitchens can look crammed, even if the islands are sized proportionally. Some people also prefer the style and features of one large island; but that may limit what you can do with your space. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your home.

Let Priano help

At Priano, we pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and delivering results that exceed their expectations. Our team of specialists can help you choose, design, and install your ideal kitchen double islands. Contact us to view our streamlined selection, dynamic environment, and get your project started.

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